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Mamas Make Milk

Congratulations on your growing family! Whether this is your first or fifth baby, it is a unique & new experience which will come with its own set of gifts & challenges.


Breastfeeding help is just a click away. Most breastfeeding issues are quickly resolved, while others may take some time. With the help of a trained lactation specialist, feel confident that your issue will be managed proactively and with respect for  your needs and desires.  Whatever your breastfeeding goals are,  I will work with you in order to achieve them.

A first time in home consult is typically 90 minutes and includes a full health history and careful assessment of mom & baby including any issues that you may be having. A care plan will be created and follow ups via phone or email will be iniated to make sure you and baby are doing well. Follow up visits are available as well and range from 30-60 minutes.


I am always just a phone call, text or email away. Get in touch to assess if a home visit is right for you, or follow up with questions from a previous visit. I encourage communication so that you feel comfortable and confident with feeding your baby. My clients also have access to my private facebook breastfeeding support group. A community of moms to share info with and ask questions of. An amazing resource!

I offer private prenatal breastfeeding classes, catered to your individual needs and specific questions, at a time that works for your schedule!




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